Be inspired.

Feel confident.

Make something delicious.

Eat. Repeat.

Summer is all about ease, lightness and going with the flow.

We are here for it.

Let’s embrace warm evenings, fresh picked produce and simple seasonal cooking. Hang some string lights, pour a cold drink and soak in all that is summer.

Sunshine, swimming and all your favourite people gathered together around the table to enjoy all the flavours summer has to offer. Fresh juicy berries, sweet corn dripping in butter and tomatoes warm from the sun.

This will be your most delicious summer ever. Easy entertaining, time with family, living for the every day moments that make life great. 

You are going to feel more kitchen confident than ever before as we make from scratch each week. Come along with us in the tractor as we harvest our farm fresh produce. Sit at the table as we create delicious dishes together. Live your best summer life with us.

This Summer You Will

> Feel INSPIRED by what is fresh and in season so that you create meals everyone will love

> CONFIDENTLY whip up something that looks incredible, tastes delicious and is simple to make

> LEARN how your food grows and what to look for so that you can make the most of summer flavours

> CONNECT with a community of people that share your love of food so you can build your skills and recipe repertoire

> CREATE the lifestyle you want one recipe at a time.

And the BEST part?!

You can join us from wherever the summer takes you! The cottage, your home, day or night we are here cheering you on and will be your go to friend for deliciousness and inspiration!

Hello lovely! Hollis here, your resident baker, teacher, teal obsessed friend!

I am the Creative Director and Co-Owner at the farm. I am also a mama to 4 littles (all 5 and under!). If you know me, you know I am all over the map on any given day, wearing all.the.hats. I always do my best to show up as much as humanly possible for the people I care about most.

Sometimes, that showing up means a beautiful, made from scratch meal. And sometimes it means Happy Meals. I am a firm believer in doing what works and serves you most in each moment. Less pressure, less guilt.

Just because I know how to make from scratch, doesn't mean I do all the time. Goodness no! The whole goal is to be able to. Its about you knowing that you can whenever the opportunity or mood arises!

To be able to create and enjoy the delicious results...well, what could be better?!

I cannot wait to spend the summer making with you! It's going to be the best most delicious summer ever!

Hollis xo

Take a peek inside our Seasonal Summer Kitchen

From our fields to your family, discover a world of new adventures! Learn the skills that we have been passing down for generations and apply them to your home garden or weekly grocery shopping trip. Take away the stress of making from scratch in the kitchen and bring your meals to new heights with big, bold flavours in simple easy to follow steps!

"There is no mistake you can make in the kitchen that I haven't already made before! Making from scratch is a life long adventure and I am always learning more" - Hollis English

Here is how our Seasonal Summer Kitchen works

When you enrol in our Seasonal Summer Kitchen course you are signing up for an entire summer of delicious recipes, learning and fun.

Each week on the farm brings a new fruit or vegetable that is ready to be harvested and enjoyed. That means there is always something new and fresh to add to your meals!

We follow the natural evolution of each season, bringing you along for the adventure, delivering it to your inbox every single week. No extensive planning needed or to even leave the comfort of home. We do it all for you and hand deliver you a guide to summer eating and enjoyment. 

Each week we focus on the fruit or vegetable that is freshest and has just been picked. You will receive a new class in your inbox every Monday for 9 weeks, covering all the best that summer has to offer.

Each class features:

> A virtual cooking class with Hollis, creating a delicious recipe using the featured produce of the week. Hollis makes alongside you, guiding and teaching you every step of the way. From your ingredient list right up until you take it out the oven!

> A printable recipe card download of the recipe of the week so you can easily make it again and again.

> A behind the scenes tour of our farm with Calder. You will get to see how each crop grows and learn a little more about where your food comes from.

> A how-to video on keeping your produce fresh at home, how to select the very best fruits and vegetables and tips for storing.

> A live Q&A (with replays available) each week with Hollis and Calder where you can ask questions and connect with them about food and farming. They will share updates about the farm, more tips and fresh ideas for eating in season.

> Certificate of Completion to show off that you are as Seasonal Summer Kitchen professional. Wow family and friends with not only with your knowledge and amazing 

recipes, but with this official certificate too. 

Annnnnd because life happens on social media, our members only Facebook group will be a wonderful place to connect and share with us as well as your fellow classmates. We are here to cheer each other on!

We will be making a variety of different kinds of recipes to share with your friends and family. It will be a mix of savoury and sweet recipes that will become part of your regular kitchen repertoire.

You will become everyone’s best friend. Not that you weren’t already…

Most importantly each recipe is delicious, simple and will inspire your creativity in the kitchen.

We look forward to sharing stories with you, cheering on your successes and being your best pal in the kitchen!

Join us in our Seasonal Summer Kitchen


"I recently had the chance to take online cooking classes with Murphy’s Farm. I was able to bake in the comfort and privacy of my own kitchen. No witnesses to my disasters or stress!! I thought of them as my covid-cooking classes. At a time when I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone, it was so wonderful to have something to look forward to every week

Although I hadn’t met Hollis prior to these classes, I immediately felt like I was in a friend’s kitchen and we were baking and hanging out together. She shared so many little tips and tricks to make my baking turn out- and it worked!! I have a long history of kitchen failures, so it was very refreshing to have everything be delicious. Hollis answered all of my questions, we laughed together and heard about Hollis’s kitchen failures, which was very comforting for me. I have been inspired to start looking up recipe’s and trying new things

One of my first classes was scones and they were such a big hit my son asks for them every Saturday morning. I cannot recommend highly enough taking as many of these classes as you can. It will build your skills, confidence and give your family delectable new favourites."

~ Cathy B

"The world as we know it changed for us in Ontario mid march when Covid 19 came knocking on our door. As a front line ER nurse I was thrust into a stark new reality that was incredibly stressful and uncertain at times. One day while scrolling through Facebook I found an invitation to join a Make from Scratch class with Murphy's Farm Market in Alliston. I was in desperate need of a distraction of my daily stressors at work and signed up for the 4 week online class with Hollis Murphy and crew. Every Saturday morning I looked forward to "tuning in" for our latest baking session and interaction with the rest of the class. I considered myself a seasoned baker (my mom taught me well) but I was surprised at how much I learned from Hollis and her classes. I had a blast each Saturday creating something new and delicious I was able to not only eat but share with others. I have known Hollis since she was 13 and I have watched her grow not only to be an awesome lady, but mom, business women and a leader. The Farm market saved my sanity during a time of great uncertainty and provided me with a fabulous distraction from my work. Thanks to all of the Murphy's crew for this awesome opportunity"

~ Heather P

Will you join us for the most delicious summer ever?

Here's what you'll get:

> 9 Weeks of inspired learning, connecting and making together with a new virtual cooking class each week

> 9 Recipes that showcase the best flavours and freshness that summer has to offer and will be in a downloadable format so you can make it again and again!

> 9 Behind the scenes farm tours that show you how your food is really grown and how-to's for selecting the very best!

> 9 Live Q & A's with Hollis and Calder so that you can ask questions (about recipes, farming, family life!) and connect with us more sharing more tips and ideas for freshness

> 1 Incredible Summer that will create the most delicious memories for you and your family, inspiring you to make more from scratch and take time to enjoy life's small joys.


  • In order to take part in our online classes, all you need is your computer or tablet and an internet connection. No webcam required!

  • Forever! You can download the recipes and tips!

  • We will provide you with an easy to download and printable PDF of the recipe each week so you can easily see what you'll need.

  • A new class will be released every Monday for 9 weeks.

  • Everything is online. We will also have a Facebook group so that you can interact with other participants and chat with the team!

  • We will always let you know some great substitions!

  • Each week Hollis or Calder will jump on a live call to chat with you. You can ask questions, they will share some more tips and there may be an additional recipe thrown in!

  • Check out the additional FAQs and if you still have questions just email us at [email protected]. There is also a comment section available in the class that is monitored daily!

Choose the Pricing Option For You!