Our Made from Scratch Classes are all about inspiring and encouraging you to try something new, build on your skills and skyrocket your confidence in the kitchen. Delicious does not have to mean complicated. (Thank goodness!) Making from scratch is ultimately believing in yourself and trusting the process. It’s about freedom and creativity and making mistakes. (And we’ve made just about every mistake you could ever make in the kitchen at one point or another!) Its about dusting off your apron and trying again. 

We share with you, all of our best tips, tricks and delicious recipes from our kitchen. Some have been passed down through generations and others we’ve discovered more recently. The thing is, we’re still learning every day, no matter how many books we’ve read or recipes we’ve made. It is about building the lifestyle you want one recipe at a time

These classes feel like you are sitting around our kitchen table or riding along in the tractor with us as we share stories and bring what we do each day to life. At Murphy’s we believe that life is lived in the small, every day moments and want each moment to be the best (and most delicious!) it can be. We invite you to come and be a part of our family, connect more with your food and spend time with us making from scratch.

Hello sweet friends! We are SO excited for you to join us on this adventure!

Growing up on our family farm, we lived life in the dirt and open space and in the hustle and bustle of our farm house kitchen. Working in the field and baking for family were part of the every day. And we are so grateful for learning the importance of family and the value of hard work.

Hollis spent countless hours in the kitchen with her sisters learning recipes and skills from her mom and Grammas. Today, Hollis runs the bakery & retail market on the farm, offering customers fresh baked pies, tarts and more, all made from scratch!

Calder learned the ways of farming from his mom and dad and his Grampas. We come from a long line of farmers. Calder now grows acres of fresh produce for our farm market and can be found out in the fields at at all hours of the day or night taking care of his crops, ensuring the best produce for his customers.

Together Hollis and Calder enjoy connecting and building relationships with everyone who visits the farm. We are so excited to be able to share our love of food and family with you, our online community!

Welcome to Murphy's Made from Scratch

From our Fields to Your Family


"I recently had the chance to take online cooking classes with Murphy’s Farm. I was able to bake in the comfort and privacy of my own kitchen. No witnesses to my disasters or stress!! I thought of them as my covid-cooking classes. At a time when I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone, it was so wonderful to have something to look forward to every week

Although I hadn’t met Hollis prior to these classes, I immediately felt like I was in a friend’s kitchen and we were baking and hanging out together. She shared so many little tips and tricks to make my baking turn out- and it worked!! I have a long history of kitchen failures, so it was very refreshing to have everything be delicious. Hollis answered all of my questions, we laughed together and heard about Hollis’s kitchen failures, which was very comforting for me. I have been inspired to start looking up recipe’s and trying new things

One of my first classes was scones and they were such a big hit my son asks for them every Saturday morning. I cannot recommend highly enough taking as many of these classes as you can. It will build your skills, confidence and give your family delectable new favourites."

- Cathy B (Current Participant)